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  • Whenever you lower your thermostat dramatically, you’ll save chunks on your heating bill. 

  • Reducing your thermostat 1-degree over an eight-hour time period can reduce your heating bill by about one percent.
  • Now imagine the savings of having your thermostat set to as low as 50 degrees while an EdenPURE heats your home with comfortable healthy heat. 

    Richard Karn explains in the video below how an EdenPURE Heater works to distribute a cozy heat:
  • EdenPURE At it's Core:


10 ways to get the most from your EdenPURE®:

  1. Keep the filter clean (wash it once a month)

  2. You will use less energy if you are on a 20amp circuit than a 15 amp (make sure it is a good tight connection)

  3. Humidity is the KEY 30 to 40% is best (if you need a humidifier get one)

  4. Trying to heat the basement? You may want to get the heater off the floor, (please make it secure)

  5. Use the “Auto” mode on the Gen3 1000 and let it cycle (find your comfort level)

  6. Limit air filtration (drafts)

  7. Do not place heater next to a cold air return

  8. In a large area place the heater in a central location

  9. High ceilings? Sometimes a ceiling fan helps to distribute the heat more evenly

  10. If you have a cold outside wall (big windows), direct the heat toward that area

We hope these ideas help you. Remember, you don’t need to blow the heat directly on you to get the benefits of your EdenPURE heater, so move it around to see were it works best in your home. We wish you the best of luck and lots of savings!


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