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Welcome to EdenPureUS.us. Your direct source for top performing EdenPURE Infrared Heater Models.

EdenPURE Heaters, as seen on TV, are advertised across the nation and recommended by Richard Karn. This advanced quartz infrared portable heater can help cut your heating bills and is now new and improved in the Gen4.

The new 2013 EdenPURE GEN4 is manufactured in the USA. The advanced technology of SYLVANIA Quartz bulbs as a heating source, with NEW EdenFLOW™ technology, work to produce an efficient heat distribution better than ever before. 

The 2013 line continues with the EdenPURE Gen3 1000. The Generation3 sets the quality and efficiency standards of what EdenPURE quartz heaters are intended to do: save you money while producing a comfortable, healthy heat. The Gen3 uses the origninal technology of six infrared bulbs to produce a non-combustible heat that does not dry out the air. 

Time and again, EdenPURE customers rave about the big savings they have seen in heating bills over other heating methods. More importantly, the safety features built into the design of our EdenPURE heater systems are what make purchasing any of our units a wise investment. It’s a perfect choice for your home and family. The heater cabinet never gets hot, there are no exposed heating elements that can start a fire, and does not reduce humidity or oxygen in the space being heated. These features make the EdenPURE perfectly safe to use around children and pets.

There are many heating alternatives on the market for consumers to choose from, such as space heaters
, Amish heaters, kerosene heaters, coil heaters and many more. We welcome you to join the EdenPURE family and discover what many of our customers have come to know and trust in our products. If you already own an EdenPURE unit, it’s a very exciting time for us to show you how the EdenPURE's new infrared heater systems have improved.  


Why Wait to Start Saving Money on Your Heating Bill?

Your EdenPure® Heater can pay for itself in a short time and start saving you money the moment you begin using it. That is just one way EdenPure® Portable Heaters work to benefit you and your family.    

Your investment in an EdenPure® Quartz Heater not only means cutting your heating bill, but more importantly, the experience of a soft, comfortable, even heat, that is healthy for everyone. 

Don't settle for dry heat or high energy costs. Order your EdenPURE® Quartz Infrared Portable Heater today.

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